Thüringer Staatskanzlei, Stabsreferat für Bürger*innenanliegen; Antidiskriminierungsstelle

Thuringian State Chancellery, staff department for citizens’ Affairs; anti-discrimination office

LADS primarily provides initial and referral counseling. This includes an initial assessment of the potential discrimination case, so that those seeking advice can decide on how to proceed.

Consultation offers

  • Telephone counseling
  • Counseling in the counseling center (face to face)

all consulting offers are free of charge


Regierungsstraße 73
99084 Erfurt

Phone 0361 573211150

Consultation topics

  • Discrimination based on religion and ideology
  • Discrimination based on Gender and Gender identity
  • Bullying
  • Racial discrimination
  • Discrimination based on social status
  • Discrimination based on sexual orientation and identity

Target groups

  • Children up to the age of 13
  • Adolescents and young adults up to 27 years of age
  • Educators
  • Parents


  • all of Thuringia

updated on: 16. August 2023